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Personal Information

Most of the errors in the Total Testing Process are found in the:

Monitoring the effects of measures implemented when mitigating errors

In ISO 15189, competence

Relevant interested parties

Internal audits

Quality indicators (QIs) outlined in the CPD activity are

The post-analytical phase

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Regarding the additional procedures prior to specimen test release

The content and layout of laboratory reports

Post-analytical quality indicators include

Which of the following activities, done before blood collection, could impact the result/s obtained?

The majority of studies on the importance of the pre-analytical phase in the TTP (Total Testing Process) agree that pre-analytical errors make up what percentage of total laboratory errors?

Wrong Identification is a major factor that can compromise patient safety. According to CLSI (Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute), all of the below identifiers or information should be present on the specimen label except for 1 that is optional. Which is the optional information?

Serum electrolytes are the most common or among the most common tests requested. What is the stability of these analytes in an uncentrifuged sample stored at room temperature?

Which of the following does not fall within the most common errors occurring during the pre-analytical phase?


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The Role of Laboratory Medicine in Patient Safety 


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