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*MABS Membership is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.


Council Membership is open to Medical Laboratory Scientists who are registered with the Council for Professions Complementary to Medicine (CPCM).


Students reading for a B.Sc (Hons) in Applied Biomedical Science can also apply for an Associate Membership until certified by the council. Associate memberships are accepted at the discretion of the Executive Committee. 

  • Discounted registration fees when attending events organised by the Association

  • Networking opportunities – Gaining important links to other Professional Bodies, both locally and abroad.

  • Opportunity to voice your opinion when giving recommendations regarding the profession to Health Authorities.

  • Support and guidance for grant applications, and funding of small-scale research

  • Access to online e-learning platform with educational material. 


A registration fee: 10 Euros

(one time payment when enrolling the first time, or if membership is not renewed in January)

Council Membership (1year): 20 Euros

Associate Membership(1year): 15 Euros

Fees are paid on a pro-rata basis during the year. See Membership application for details.

*Payments are fully refundable by those eligible to CPD scheme

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