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Events feedback form

Your feedback is very important to us as it ensures that we give you the best service every time. Help us improve by answering some quick questions about your experience.


*Participation in this feedback form is voluntary. This form is also anonymous, meaning no information is gathered on who submitted the information. 

1. Select Event:

If other: 

2. Professional details of attendee: 

3. Place of work: 

If other : 

4. List the learning objectives you expected from this CPD.

5. Overall Evaluation of CPD

 How would you rate this CPD activity

  • This CPD activity met my expected learning objectives

  • This CPD helped in enhancing  my knowledge on the topic

  • There was sufficient time allocated for audience participation

6. Speaker Evaluation

 How would you rate the speakers in this CPD activity?

  • Presenters had a good understanding of topic

  • Presenters were well prepared

  • Presenters spoke clearly and effectively

7. CPD Organisation Evaluation

  • Location

  • Start time of event activity

  • Event information provided in promotion material (posters, facebook, etc)

  • Refreshments

  • Registration Process

8. Any Suggestions?

How can we do better next time?

Any topic you wish to recommend for future CPDs

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