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The field of Applied Biomedical Science deals with the study of the tools, techniques, and procedures involved in the collection and analysis of a number of biological samples taken from the human body to enable the identification of pathological conditions.

Applied Biomedical Science is a vast and multidisciplinary area of health care. A sound knowledge of science is a prerequisite for this programme of studies. The major areas of study in Applied Biomedical Science can be found here.


Applicants must satisfy the General Entry Requirements for admission, namely, the Matriculation Certificate and Secondary Education Certificate passes at Grade 5 or better in Maltese, English Language, and Mathematics. 

Applicants must also satisfy the following Special Course Requirements: 
Passes at Advanced Level at Grade C or better in Biology and Chemistry and a pass at Intermediate Level in Physics. 


Applicants who possess a grade D instead of a grade C in one of the required subjects at Advanced Level shall be admitted under those conditions as the Admissions Committee of the Faculty of Health Sciences may impose to compensate for the missing element. If, by the end of the first year of the Course, such students do not successfully complete all the requirements to progress regularly to the second year of the Course, they shall be required to withdraw from the Course, and shall neither be entitled to repeat the year nor to progress conditionally as normally permitted under the Principal Regulations.

The present number of students enrolled in the course is  limited to 24 students annually.

For more details and information regarding the learning outcomes of the academic course, please visit: 


For the full programme of studies please visit: 


Opportunities are available for those who wish to advance their career with a postgraduate course. A Masters of Science (MSc) degree is offered both locally and abroad with the possibility of gaining experience, training, and expertise in a particular field of interest. 


The degree offered by Faculty of Health Science, Univesity of Malta (MSc Applied Biomedical Science) is specifically intended for graduates in Biomedical Science, however, other healthcare professionals who wish to pursue a career or advance their knowledge and research skills in the Biomedical Science field can also apply.  Research topics are available in the following link:


The faculty of Medicine and Surgery offers an MSc Biomedical Science in the following fields: Neuroscience, Haematology, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Genetics, Cell Therapy and Tissue Banking.  the course is intended for Medical Laboratory Scientists and Medical Graduates who wish to gain experience in a laboratory setting. 


Several scholarship schemes are available for assistance in funding of research and course fees both locally and abroad. More information below:


Endeavour Scholarship Scheme:


Get Qualified Scheme:  



Biomedical Scientists who are already in possession of an M.Sc degree and are interested of pursuing their studies further on to a Doctoral based programme are encouraged to seek advice from academics of the Department of Applied  Biomedical Science, and also from various Departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery for further guidance on available topics and opportunities.


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Medical Laboratory Science offers exciting career opportunities within a variety of niches, in fact the profession is highly sought after both locally and abroad. Biomedical Scientists can work both in the public and the private sector; with the majority of local scientists currently employed within the public sector in the national hospital institutions. 

If the hospital setting is not what you're after, the profession also offers interesting opportunities to work in other fields, such as work in the brewing industry, teaching, forensics, food safety, sales and marketing, research at university laboratories, an in research and development with pharmaceutical companies.

Apart from laboratory work, the profession engages individuals in activities where one can develop skills in media, networking, organisation management and leadership.

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