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*Webinar Recording is currently open access till 31st January 2022.  After this date, the recording will be moved to the CPD platform and restricted to the MABS members only.only.

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Unmasking the Great imitator: SLE
Clinical Diagnosis and Laboratory Management


A MABS CPD Certificate will be issued to registrants of the CPD AND on successfully submitting the  questions hereunder.  

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1. In patients with SLE, the serum ANA test is usually 

2. The initial screening dilution in IIF is 

3. A screening test should be

4. Anti-dsDNA antibodies are measured locally using the following technique

5. Which of the following ANA patterns is NOT associated with SLE?

6. Joint inflammation is a characteristic of SLE. The pattern of joint involvement typically involves:​

7. SLE patients may develop a facial “butterfly” rash triggered by:

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8. Which of the following is a criterion by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) for diagnosing SLE:

9. Which serum autoantibody is used to monitor renal disease in SLE (lupus nephritis):

10. Which antimalarial drug is used as first-line treatment in SLE (unless contraindicated):

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