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MABS Official Launch

The official launch of the MABS Association has taken place at the Life Sciences Park on the 30th October 2018. The event was geared up by a group of motivated Medical Laboratory Scientists with a sole scope in mind: Establishing a professional body to promote and develop the Medical Laboratory Science profession. The event was marked as a stepping stone in the advancement of the Medical Laboratory Science profession in Malta and all steering committee members and helpers would like to thank those who have made it to the event. 


Chair to the steering committee, Mr Ian Brincat, described the events that led to the setting up of the committee, the work and effort that was put in by dedicated scientists and the importance of having an established association for the profession. The mission statement ‘Committed to uphold a high standard of practice and pursue sustainable advancement in Biomedical Science’ was presented together with the main objectives of the association. The committee will work to get recognition and affiliations with international bodies like EPBS (European Association for Professionals in Biomedical Science) and a rapport has already been initiated. A message from Mr Fernando Mendes, newly elected president of the EPBS congratulated this initiative.


Official logo, Website and Facebook page were presented and the official website and Facebook page are now live. The logo design combined Science (double helix) with the Maltese Cross, an idea put together by Mr Luke Saliba. The Facebook page and website will be open access and used for public engagement. This is one of the ways the committee will use to promote the profession and get people involved.


Last remarks were made by Prof Joseph Borg, the general secretary of the committee, who explained the benefits of membership, eligibility criteria and the registration process. The guests were informed about the upcoming events, including the Christmas social event which will be held on the 12th of December 2018, and the Annual General Meeting and Election to be held in January 2019.

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