The nominations have now been closed, and I am pleased to inform you that we have successfully received 10 nominees to fill in the Executive Steering Committee of MABS. The nominees are as follows


Dr Shawn Baldacchino

Prof Joseph Borg

Mr Ian Brincat

Mr Roderick Busuttil

Ms Dorianne Buttigieg

Ms Sephora Camilleri

Mr Jesmond Debono

Mr Mario Farrugia

Ms Christine Gatt

Ms Stephanie Meli


As already announced, the First Annual General Meeting will be held on the 28th January 2019, at 6:30pm at the FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES, SOUTH AUDITORIUM, Mater Dei HOSPITAL [NOTE CHANGE IN VENUE]. Punctuality cannot be overemphasised. 


Amendments to the statute have been submitted. These will be discussed during the AGM. Depending on the outcomes of the proposed changes, further elections might take place that would require a majority of the members present and voting. 


It is very important that all members attend (or make arrangements to attend even if for a brief period), - since this shall be the only way to participate in the voting of preferred candidates as delineated in the MABS statute, as well as partake in discussions.


Voting time has now increased and there will be 2 voting sessions:


a.       Monday 28th January 11am – 1pm at the Faculty of Health Sciences Foyer. One floor above the MDH Administration and Medical school, just outside of the South Auditorium lecture theatre. 


b.       Monday 28th January 6:30pm – 8pm during the AGM to be held at the FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES, SOUTH AUDITORIUM, Mater Dei HOSPITAL


The Association is committed to providing a courteous, professional and helpful experience for all our members and stakeholders.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or ideas you might have.

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