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CPD title: Bleeding Disorders

Date of Event: March 2019

Speakers: Mr Kevin Vella, Dr. Denise Borg Aquilina, Prof Alex Gatt. 

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Please answer the following questions by selecting the correct answer. 

1.The FVIII one stage assay:

2. For the FIX one stage assay you need:

3. In the case a new born is suspected of having a haemophilia, the best approach towards a final diagnosis is to perform:

4. The sensitivity of an APTT reagent is very important towards the early detection of possible haemophilias:

5. Which of the following TWO statements are TRUE regarding treatment for haemophilia?

One unit coagulant activity is the coagulant activity in 1ml fresh normal plasma

FVIII half life ~18-20 hours

Prothrombin complex concentrate contains Factors II, VII, IX, X

Desmopressin (DDAVP) is used for treatment of both Haemophilia A and Haemophilia B

6. Which of the following TWO statements are TRUE on the Cohn Process?

Developed in the 1960s

Extraction of plasma proteins based on different protein solubility, pH, ethanol concentration, among others

Factor VIII is found in Fraction IV

Products include Albumin, Immunoglobulins and Fibrinogen

7. Which of the following statement is TRUE on the safety of plasma-derived products?

Depends solely on viral reduction methods

The window period is a limitation for virus reduction techniques

Viral reduction methods include heat treatment, solvent/ detergent treatment and nanofiltration

One viral reduction technique is sufficient to remove all viruses

8. Which of the following TWO statements are TRUE on recombinant products

Developed due to concerns about viral safety of plasma-derived products

FVIII gene was the first plasma protein to be cloned using recombinant techniques

Haemostatic efficacy of rh-FVIII and rh-FIX are equivalent to the plasma-derived counterparts

First generation recombinant products involved use of substances of animal origin

Choose the Best Answer for the following questions:

9. Haemophilia A and B:

10. Haemophilia A:

11. Severity of Haemophilia is assessed using laboratory results namely:

12. Typical bleeding patterns in haemophilia in adulthood are:

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